Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

30 September 2023

Coastal communities often bear disproportionate coastal and marine harms, but people are beginning to fight back...

30 September 2023

And are we in the middle of another one...

29 September 2023

A discovery that could lead to better preservation of donated transplant organs...

08 September 2023

A trip down mummery lane...

11 August 2023

A first hand account from a nuclear bomb witness

11 August 2023

How we went from the atom to the nuke...

31 July 2023

Disentangling which genes are involved to protect darker skin against melanoma is an open question...

20 June 2023

When did HIV first come into being, and how did it become an epidemic?

09 June 2023

When did our infatuation with UFOs begin?

09 May 2023

What about batteries enabled them to integrate into every part of our lives?

11 April 2023

Genetic alleles from millions of years back remain in the gene pool today as balanced polymorphisms linked to...

31 March 2023

All thanks to the endeavour of brave Victorian scientists...

10 March 2023

Who will fare best against the infamous Q&A quiz?

24 February 2023

Remains from a France cave have provided evidence of a bow and arrow that's over 50,000 years old

10 February 2023

50 letters from Mary Stewart have been discovered and deciphered

17 January 2023

Where did alcohol originate, and why is it legal compared to similar drugs?

13 December 2022

From feng shui to Huawei...

06 December 2022

What are the economic challenges of an ageing population, and who's responsibility is the environment?

06 December 2022

What are the underlying factors behind our exponential growth, and how high will it go?

21 November 2022

Who will win this month's big brain award?

21 November 2022

Joining us this week...

30 September 2022

How science is used to decide if policies really benefit the public

30 September 2022

How much can we treat motor neurone disease, and why is there a giant boat outside the building?

30 September 2022

Suzanne Kerbavcic introduces James Tytko to the city of science...