Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

28 May 2024

A look back at the timeline...

14 May 2024

The challenges posed by an alternative alphabet

08 March 2024

Historically, taste was used to select botanical-based medicines. So were the ancients on the right lines?

27 February 2024

And why the different backgrounds might not have mixed as much as anticipated...

27 February 2024

And did it change how he saw the world?

23 February 2024

A shocking story, make no bones about it...

23 February 2024

A study into prehistoric genetics...

14 February 2024

How the genetic code can inform better medical practice...

13 February 2024

And how do we know when war is about to start?

13 February 2024

How far back does the profession go?

19 January 2024

New evidence suggests this theory could be plagued by inaccuracy...

05 December 2023

How antiquated attitudes affect activity

14 November 2023

Where did it come from, and what kicked it off?

13 November 2023

And why aren't Neanderthals still around...

03 November 2023

The history of battle tactics develops an earlier chapter..

31 October 2023

What dictates the fear factor?

24 October 2023

The times and how they were a-changing...

24 October 2023

From East to West, citizens set their watches to Beijing time...

20 October 2023

How vulnerable is nature to over-explotation for the purposes of trade?

20 October 2023

It's not just our genes that affect how drugs work: epigenetic marks on our DNA also play a role...

20 October 2023

An ecomusical approach to coastal habitat conservation...

30 September 2023

Coastal communities often bear disproportionate coastal and marine harms, but people are beginning to fight back...

30 September 2023

And are we in the middle of another one...