Interviews about History

Interviews on archaeology, anthropology, palaeoanthropology and the history of science...

27 September 2021

The seasons are changing, so we're quizzing our experts with questions about change

10 August 2021

A maths tablet dating back to 1900 BCE depicts 'Pythagorean triples' a millennium before Pythagoras'...

20 July 2021

The exhibition has changed somewhat since the 1660s...

29 June 2021

Test yourself against our scientific head-scratchers! How do you compare to our panel?

15 June 2021

Archaeological digs in Cambridge reveal that the wealthy regularly got bunions from wearing pointy-toed shoes

14 June 2021

Can we learn useful lessons about COVID vaccine hesitancy from historical vaccine hesitancy?

08 June 2021

What has the Sun meant to us over milennia?

10 May 2021

Another delicious and popular food made by fermentation - cheese!

10 May 2021

Quorn is single cell protein that makes a good meat substitute; so where did it come from?

06 April 2021

Multi-million art sales, financial misconduct, Facebook money... and are we in a cryptocurrency bubble?

06 April 2021

Bitcoin is the oldest and biggest cryptocurrency. Its underlying technologies come from unexpected places...

24 February 2021

The Los Angeles Times have revealed multiple genealogy platforms used - secretly - to catch a killer...

23 February 2021

Schoolchildren have spent much of the pandemic learning virtually. Here's how two kids find the situation...

09 February 2021

Throughout recorded history, scientists have made themselves their own test subjects. How - and why?

18 January 2021

Unravelling the story of how our ancestors made fabric

22 December 2020

We look at a Czech Christmas tradition

15 December 2020

Computers create music differently to humans. Here's one project using tech to perform for many lifetimes...

15 December 2020

We asked legendary keyboardist Rick Wakeman whether Beethoven would have used a Moog...

17 November 2020

A cornucopia of ancient tracks adds to evidence against the old, simple picture of human migration...

17 November 2020

The largest movement of people in recorded history has had an enormous impact on our world today...

17 November 2020

More people are on the move nowadays than ever before. A migration expert explains why...

13 November 2020

How successful have open access policies been?

16 October 2020

The main genetic risk factor for serious coronavirus infections comes from Neanderthals...