Adopt a baby lobster

06 December 2011

Sarah - Christmas is a time when we treat ourselves to special food we wouldn't eat all year round. One of my very favourite things to eat is lobster - definitely a special occasion treat. And now, a British company, Wing of St Mawes, is offering to donate 50p to the National Lobster Hatchery for every lobster bought through their website. The lobsters are caught in Cornwall, which is also where the hatchery is based. Fishermen bring females that are brooding eggs to the hatchery where the eggs are reared until the juvenile lobsters are about three months old, before they're released back into the coastal waters around Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly.European lobster larvae

And actually the National Lobster Hatchery also has some great gifts on their website - you can buy 'Santa Claws', a little cuddly lobster with a santa hat, Christmas cards, and you can even sponsor a lobster and name it after a loved one before it gets released into the sea.

We've got links to both the Wing of St Mawes and the National Lobster Hatchery websites on our site, so do check them out if you're after an unusual oceans-based gift this Christmas!

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