All in the mind?

20 January 2015

Interview with 

Dr Hrishikesh Kumar, Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata


After neurological tests and psychiatric assesments, Babu's results are revealed Question markand his treatment advised...

Kumar - What he has, we call it dissociative syndrome that this patient has the subconscious urge to be noticed, to get attention. And if he doesn't get then in subconscious mind, something happens, something changes and that is reflected as these symptoms - walking difficulty, pain all over the body. So in such cases, very difficult to treat the patient. What he'll work is proper counselling, for parents to understand that this is not a physical condition. They have to be patient and they have to undergo psychotherapy themselves and for the child. The problem is that his father and mother, his parents are very all protective. So, the smallest problem, they run for 500 kilometres and they come here. The child himself likes this. He likes their attention. He likes to come to Kolkata. He likes to be attended by the doctors. So, that is complicating their problem. So first thing, for the parents to understand that this is not a serious issue. If he has those symptoms, they should not take that seriously because we have seen we have done all the investigations. They themselves as the child should go regular psychotherapy.


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