Interviews about Chemistry

Interviews about states of matter, gases, fuels, green chemistry, chemical reactions and nanotechnology...

23 September 2014

Does fracking contaminate our water supplies? And if so, is this down to the process itself or simply poor workmanship?

23 September 2014

A new, nanoparticle treatment for multiple sclerosis is about to be trialled in Cambridge.

17 August 2014

New research is showing that Ancient Egyptians were mummifying their dead a lot longer ago than previously imagined,...

08 August 2014

Why do foods like lamb and mint sauce go so well together, while other combinations cause us to cringe?

04 August 2014

Organic chemistry in 50 million year old specimens have revealed some surprising secrets about dinosaurs and leaves

30 June 2014

Steel has a huge variety of uses, from armoured cars to and inside jet engines. Do we still have more to learn about...

30 June 2014

Could we stop climate change by pumping particles into the ozone? Dr Kirsty Kuo thinks it's a possibility...

10 June 2014

How do we protect substances we need to survive harsh environments like washing powder or even our stomachs?

19 May 2014

Joel Kostka investigated in how microorganisms played a role in cleaning up the aftermath of the Deepwater Horizon Oil...

08 April 2014

How we can change the lithium ion batteries in your phone or laptop to make them hold more energy.

08 April 2014

What a battery is and how do they work?

31 March 2014

Humans have handedness, but is the same true for chemistry? Can chemicals tell their right from their left?

08 March 2014

Professor David Phillips and his team are figuring out how our DNA gets damaged, and which chemicals are responsible

04 March 2014

Chaperones are proteins that help other proteins to fold properly, and being flexible makes chaperones better at this...

24 December 2013

Whoosh! Money to burn, or not. Why an alcohol-soaked ten Pound note won't actually singe...

24 December 2013

Tired of pathetic party poppers lacking propulsive power? We create a much better bang, using hydrogen...

26 November 2013

Could smell come from the vibrations of individual molecules?

19 November 2013

Nine missing Doctor Who episodes were found this year. How they were restored?

11 September 2013

Escapes of methane from fracking sites could trigger substantial global warming, as methane is a greenhouse gas.

11 September 2013

Fracking has led to lower energy prices in the US, so could the UK see a similar trend?

28 August 2013

A new way of profiling all the chemicals made by cells when they are injured could help us reverse the damage caused by...

15 August 2013

How nitrogen fixation improves soil...

25 April 2013

New biofuel from gut-bugs - Dr. Love discusses the potential of E. Coli as the next fuel generator.

25 April 2013

Dr. John Ramsey discusses legal highs and how chemical analysis can be used to help decide their legality.