Critter of the month - Loggerhead turtle

08 September 2011

Interview with

Wallace J. Nichols, California Academy of Sciences

My name's J Nichols and I'm a research associate at the California Academy of Sciences. And if I was going to be a marine animals, I'd be a loggerhead sea turtles. And not just any loggerhead sea turtle but a North Pacific loggerhead sea turtle.

I would be a loggerhead sea turtle would was swimming from the coast of MexicoLoggerhead turtle with satellite transmitter to Japan, and I would have a satellite transmitter attached to my back and I'd have a little camera attached to my back, so that I could share my entire journey with the whole world. So that people could see what was going on out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They could see what was going on with the life out there, they would see what's going on with the plastic out there, and the fishing activities. And they could just share the entire journey home from Mexico to Japan.

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Wallace J. Nichols

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