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08 July 2010

Interview with 

Carl Safina, Blue Ocean Institute

Carl Safina, president of Blue Ocean Institute, chooses a critter of the week.

Blue fin tuna in a cageCarl -   I'm Carl Safina.  I'm an author and President of Blue Ocean Institute at Stony Brook University and the species that I would like to be is a bluefin tuna.  It's a huge fish.  It's one of the strongest fish in the sea, one of the fastest, and unlike most other fish, it's warm blooded.  It's really kind of the king of the fish. 

I've seen this fish many times throughout my life and I've always thought it was thrilling to watch them ripping through the surface and exploding as they chase their prey.  It looked very powerful, but also like a lot of fun.  They seem to really be in command and it seemed like a kind of thing that if you could come back as a fish, that would be the one I want to be.

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