A Festive Treat from Professor Karmadillo!

We were joined by Professor Karmadillo, with a festive musical take on the recent news from CERN that they have seen tantalising hints of the existence of the Higg's Boson.....
18 December 2011

Interview with 

Professor Karmadillo


To the tune of "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas"...

Its beginning to look a lot like a Higgs BosonAbove 115 GeVThat the two experiments gaveResults that say the sameWas greeted with a sigh of relief

It's beginning to look a lot like Higgs Boson / Below 130 GeVThey looked at the decay and with three sigma confidence sayIts here or its just a dream They cannot deny a sigma of five is what they most desireBut it's Christmas time so I hope they get to relax beside a fireA Christmas treeI'll take you back to the seminar on December 13thThe whole world was waiting on the edges of their seatTuned to the CERN website to catch the video stream Jaws dropped agape at what they could see

It's beginning to look a lot like Comic SansOn the presenters screenFabiola you may have fab results from your labBut your font lacks credulity

Its beginning to look a lot like a Vicar particleA Higgs Boson described accuratelyFor instead of looking inside aLarge Hadron ColliderMany find mass in church on Christmas eve

Its beginning to look a lot like a Higgs BosonThe particle that gives us mass It's hiding away in the mince pies and the cakeYou'll eat on Christmas Day!


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