Fossil hunting!

What are the secrets lying beneath our feet?
30 May 2017

Interview with 

Jamie Jordan, Fossils galore


What are the secrets lying beneath our feet? Georgia Mills went fossil hunting with palaeontologist Jamie Jordan...

Jamie - This is the monster bed that has been excavated out of the main quarry and placed in this safe area for us to hunt through today.

Georgia - Kings Dyke nature reserve in Peterborough. I’m with Jamie Jordan from Fossils Galore and we’ve gone fossil hunting…

Jamie - You never know, you might come across some bones, or teeth, or other prehistoric creatures as well that lived in this shallow tropical sea from the Jurassic.

Georgia - I’m so excited - might I find a dinosaur?

Jamie - You might do. Yeah, you never know. I’ll just get some tools out…

Georgia - Oh yes. Show me your tool set

Jamie - There’s a hammer there. Chisel as well… you got it?

Georgia - Hammer and chisel.

Jamies - We’ll start heading down and I’ll show you how to find them... We’ll be looking for material like this one over here. Can you see how shelly it is?

Georgia - Yeah.

Jamie - What we’ve got here is we’ve got lots of ammonites which are prehistoric cephalopods. They’d have lots of tentacles - a little bit like the modern day nautilus that are swimming around today. As you can see there are hundreds of them just everywhere. Like I was saying, every centimetre of clay is 10,000 years of time. So let’s find you a rock which you can split open… you’ll need a hammer.

Georgia - Ready… [hammer sounds ]. What have we got in here?

Jamie - You’ve got lots more ammonites in there.

Georgia - This is an ammonite hotbed.

Jamie - And you’ve also got a fish poo in there as well

Georgia - Oh, fish bone?

Jamie - No, not quite. Fish poo - also knows as coprolite

Georgia - That’s the classy term for it.


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