How does a vision become a reality?

23 February 2015

Interview with 

Dr Robin Sengupta, Institute of Neurosciences, Kolkata


Slices of citrus fruits


The story of a remarkable man Dr Robin Sengupta,who started his career as an eight year old boy, selling fruit in a Bustling Bazar off the Bay of Bengal India, in order to help support his family.

He borrowed school books from friends, and studied at night, gained scholarships and eventually moved to the UK to work within the UK National Health System, in Newcastle, working his way up to become a neurosurgeon.

Inspired by the NHS, raised millions of pounds to set up this 10 storey 150 bed neuroscience specialisation hospital back in his hometown of Kalkuta, India.

The hospital that offers free treatment for those who cannot afford it. And embedded within it, a cutting edge research facility and training ground for future neuroscientists. 

I asked one of his colleagues, from Newcastle, what the reaction was back in the UK when Robin announced his grand vision, over a decade ago...


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