Manufacturing the future

What might manufacturing be like in years to come?
13 November 2018

Interview with 

Professor Sir Mike Gregory, Cambridge University


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What will manufacturing in the future look like? Georgia Mills put this to former head of Cambridge University's Institute of Manufacturing, Mike Gregory...

Mike - Well in some ways it's going to be the same, but better. To get a glimpse of modern manufacturing which we've had is I think given a flavour of the excitement of making things which isn't always obvious. Most of us don’t get the chance to get inside factories but we can see the products. So at home or on the way to work in the office or the factory or the hospital, you can see the output of manufacturing all around you and it's quite fun to think about how those everyday things have been made. And there’s a lot of the world around us which can be made better by better manufacturing, making things cheaper, more reliable more sustainably, so that we can bring the standards of living that we enjoy in the advanced countries to people all around the world. There's plenty to do. Manufacturing is not going to change but it's going to get a lot better.


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