Name that phobia!

Do you know your selenophobia from your genuphobia?
20 October 2018


Long exposure image of a question mark in neon lights


We put the Naked Scientists office to the test identifying phobias. First up - selenophobia...

I have no idea. Are they afraid of silky skin?

Katie - No

Fear of saltiness?

Katie - Not even close.

The moon?

Katie - Is the right answer! Secondly - what fear features in ephebiphobia?

People called Phoebe.

Katie - No

Something to do with feet?

Katie - Nuhuh.


Katie - Well that's a showing off. And lastly, what is genuphobia a fear of?

Really smart people.

Katie - No

People called Jen?

Katie - No!

Jeans? Denim jeans?

Katie - What?! Any other takers?

….. genuflecting …..kneeling…. Knees? Fear of knees?

Katie - Is the right answer!


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