National Pathology Week

31 October 2010

Interview with 

Dr Suzy Lishman, Royal College of Pathologists


Pathology Week - Suzy Lishman - Art and Ethics 1


Chris -   Thank you for coming in to talk to us on the Naked Scientists.  It is National Pathology Week, so tell us what that's all about.

Pathology Week - Suzy Lishman - Art and Ethics 1Suzy -   Well this is the 3rd time that the Royal College of Pathologists has organised this week and the idea is that we highlight the role that pathologists and scientists play in keeping people healthy.  When people think of pathology, they often think of things like CSI and Silent Witness, and dead bodies, but actually, dealing with dead people is a very tiny part of what pathologists do, and the vast majority of their time is spent helping the living.  So this week, there'll be over 500 events taking place all around the country so people can go along to laboratory open days and have a look behind the scenes.  There'll be school visits, art competitions, interactive workshops, quizzes - a whole range of things happening to highlight what pathology is all about.

Chris -   It's all free and the idea here is to try to tell people really what this hidden art is all about.  As you say, many people think pathology is all about dead bodies, but it's far more than that.

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