Patient perspective: designing for wellbeing

Bami Adenipekun shares her thoughts on what hospitals of the future should look like...
30 March 2021

Interview with 

Bami Adenipekun, author and Maggie's ambassador


beds in a hospital ward


What should the hospital of the future look like? Well for the rest of the show, we’ll be gathering the thoughts of architects, clinicians and scientists, as well as patients and staff. For author, speaker, trauma coach and Maggie's cancer charity ambassador Bami Adenipekun, the atmosphere and environment of a hospital setting really matters...

As a patient and loved one, I have to say that the current institutional hospital model is one that is not dignifying and is often scary. I would love to see hospitals that recognise the importance of surroundings to overall wellbeing. The power of intentional architecture and design to alleviate suffering cannot be over-emphasised. It humanises and boosts confidence.


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