Patient perspective: ward layouts and privacy

Here are the thoughts of one patient about what hospitals of the future should look like...
30 March 2021

Interview with 

Bami Adenipekun, author and Maggie's ambassador


beds in a hospital ward


So far, we’ve considered the hospital of the future as a building, an information hub and a workplace. But ultimately, hospitals exist to treat patients. So what’s missing at the moment and needs to be prioritised? Here’s Bami Adenipekun...

Bami - Careful thought and planning need to be given to ward layouts to accord patients confidentiality as well as privacy when required. The design of patients’ hospital wear needs to take into consideration movement outside of consultation rooms to afford a modicum of dignity. As infection control has become a vital issue, food handling requires a rethink as well.

Bottom line is that a one-size-fits all approach does not serve patients and their loved ones well. As hospitals exist to treat people, constructive engagement with their representatives should be reflected in overall structure and design. Hospitals are for patients not the other way round.


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