Performing at Glastonbury

Paloma Faith discusses why Glastonbury is so important for a performer and how the environmental message hits home.
01 August 2010

Interview with 

Paloma Faith, Singer, song-writer, and actress


Paloma -   Well it's the biggest festival and has the most attention so, I think it's the most widespread contact with your public that you can get of any festival in Britain.  It's one of the biggest in the world, I think.  There's TV exposure, radio exposure: the lot.

Ben -   Do you think it's important for festivals to try and reduce their impact on the environment?

Paloma -   Completely. But I think the fact that it's out in the countryside - and especially this year as the weather is so amazing - that automatically promotes care for the environment anyway because otherwise, we wouldn't have spaces like this to enjoy music here.


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