Interviews about Physics

Interviews about cosmology, astrophysics, electricity, energy, forces, gravity, light and maths...

30 September 2007

Non-stick pans are great, they make it so much easier to clean cooked on scrambled egg! But the Thin Films and...

16 September 2007

Meera went out to find the best bits of the festival, and wound up in crowd control!

22 July 2007

How deep can you go? Professional free divers can descend hundreds of feet underwater with no scuba gear, but what...

22 July 2007

Fighter pilots need to undergo extreme conditions and still be able to make life or death decisions. How do they train...

15 July 2007

Biodiesel is one option for powering cars of the future, but another fuel we could use is hydrogen. This has the...

15 July 2007

This week, Chelsea finds evidence that Mexican food may not have changed much in hundreds of years, while Bob explores...

01 July 2007

This week, Chelsea looks at making music from babies' cries, and Bob explores how babies can spot different...

24 June 2007

We spoke to Peter Kelemen, who studies the earthquakes that originate deep in the mantle of the Earth

03 June 2007

This week, Chelsea finds out what rock music sounds like on other planets, and Bob uses lasers to simulate the...

06 May 2007

Bob and Chelsea tell us why having a high IQ may not be the que to success.

29 April 2007

Discover the conclusion to this week's Kitchen Science experiment

29 April 2007

Chelsea and Bob try to answer the age old question 'Why do we buy what we buy?' Does celebrity endorsement...

15 April 2007

Kitchen science: slime behaving strangely...

25 March 2007

Kitchen science: DIY hot air balloon

11 February 2007

Anat is a radiologist and uses radiation to help cure disease

11 February 2007

Anna visited Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station to find out what nuclear energy is and how it is harnessed

11 February 2007

Ian Farnan studies how to store nuclear waste for the long term.

21 January 2007

Ali looks into wind energy, both onshore and offshore along with the new technology of wave power.

10 December 2006

The Naked Scientists spoke to Professor Gerry Gilmore, University of Cambridge Institute of Astronomy

12 November 2006

Why maths and music strike a chord

12 November 2006

Maths, music and all that jazz...

29 October 2006

The Naked Scientists spoke to Dr Ed Tarte, University of Birmingham

29 October 2006

The Naked Scientists spoke to Dr Tim Jackson, University of Birmingham