PS5 Reveal!

Sony revealed their new console the PS5, so what games are there?
23 June 2020

Interview with 

Rhiannon Bevan,


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Rhiannon Bevan from looks at the PS5 reveal.

“The Future of Gaming is here”… according to Sony:

In a two hour event that was streamed online we saw the actual console, new games and even discovered the “tech specs” of the console.

All in all... 26 games were officially announced.. Including… 

Demon’s Soul’s (never mind the apostrophes)


Spider Man


And... Horizon: Forbidden West


And there’s a new version of Grand Theft Auto V, with extra content.

Plus we saw two versions of the console… the standard PS5 complete with 4K Blu-ray drive… alongside and a disc-less version of the console, called the “PS5 Digital Edition.”

It’s supposed to be able to play games in 8K resolution, which is a lot of pixels, but the reveal stream was broadcast in restricted quality because of the current coronavirus pandemic.

But when is it launching? The PS5 is coming to a living room near you in “Holiday 2020”... so... at some point before the end of this year. How much is it going to cost? We’ll have to wait and see.



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