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What scents do The Naked Scientists love or loathe?
20 July 2019

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The Naked Scientists' office


Kid smelling something bad and holding his nose


What scents do The Naked Scientists love or loathe? Katie Haylor sniffed out the answer!

Heather - I really like the smell of cut grass. I always feel really bad for people who have hayfever because they can't appreciate that spring smell.

Ankita - Definitely the smell of baking something with tons of butter and sugar and cinnamon. Just all of those smells.

Matthew - I actually really enjoy the smell of fish, like out in the ocean. I grew up on the ocean, though. I really like the sea breeze.

Phil - My favorite smell is peanut butter in some sort of baked thing. So like a peanut butter cookie. I'm getting a lot of angry glares... OK, least favorite smell: I really hate the smell of aniseed.

Emma - The smell when petrol spills. Just makes my nose tickle.

Matthew - Yeah, I'm not a fan of lavender at all. I can't... nope! Get it out.

Heather - I think it brings back memories of: we had a lavender plant in my garden and it was always covered in bees, as a child, and so I think I have this fear of the smell of lavender.


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