Are new planets still forming?

And how are planets born in the first place?
09 October 2018





Are new planets still forming?


Chris Smith asked David Rothery to form an answer for this question from listener Eliza... First up, how are planets created?

David - Planets we think form from gas and dust surrounding a young star and it gradually comes together in bigger and bigger lumps and you get a series of collisions. Planets are not forming in this solar system anymore, but we now know that at least half the stars in our galaxy have planets. And the young stars among those are still very young, they still have clouds of gas and dust around them. We can see gaps in the dust rings around these young stars where we think planets that have formed and cleared the dust away. So planets very much are forming around other stars at pretty much the same rate at which stars form, which is a few new stars every years in our galaxy.


This is a rethetorical questions to sumbit the actual answer for every researchers.that, it is estimated to be 700 quantilion of planets in this whole universe,i am partially agree with this statement and delievered my views in the case of reforming an universe,i know this universe have infinite numbers of Galaxies and stars also planets structuraly and mostly all of them have desertification and high infraray waves which are fatel for humans as much we cannot remaining alive for long term on human civilization series ,But it is exactly very difficult to say that all the planets are still forming ,as we based on natural phenomena of universe it is a process of human settlement through all creatures serially from oceanographic to biological structure of cratures which are muted on different natural it is possible to collide some planets naturally each other and combining their particles of atoms including dust and rocks into one structure gravitionally ,that's a same process of natural structuralization so it is possible to reform planets .

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