Are Vitamin D fortified foods a good alternative?

22 January 2012



I'm not happy about the Scottish Government who want to fortify even more foods with their version of Vitamin D, surely we can source our own if we want it. Chemically produced Vitamin D will be no better than most of the other chemically produced products they try to force on us!” what do you think?


George - Well chemically, it's a very simple molecule and it's identical really to what you make in your skin, so I don't think there's any reason to think that it would be any different. But I think the issue of supplementing the population is awkward. Despite the fact there's a control study showing that folate prevents neural tube defects, it's not added to the food and one can only compare what happened in America now. I'm a Canadian, but I'd have to say, the way they dealt with this was the way it probably should've been done which is that they supplemented their food within a couple of years that the results coming available and they were able to show that as much as 80% of neural tube defects were prevented. Here, I think these issues have been more controversial and just the fact that people want to put supplements then doesn't mean that it's bad. There are lots of examples where supplementation is very useful. Iodine and salt is a good example. No one argues about that and I think in a few years, nobody is going to be arguing about this as well.


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