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20 March 2005

Is left handedness genetic, and are left handed people more artistically creative?

13 March 2005

If you had a stem cell transplant, would your DNA change?

27 February 2005

Eels manage to move from one bit of water to another. To do this they must go over land. How do they do it?

27 February 2005

Programmes always show dinosaurs as being slow. I don't they think they would have been. I think they would have...

27 February 2005

I would like to tell my grandfather's country of origin from his DNA. Can I do that?

06 February 2005

What are the plant cell walls made from?

12 December 2004

Some roofs have clean lines across them caused by copper cables that have been lain across them in the past. Why?

12 December 2004

What ingredients go into antibiotics, and how do they work?

28 November 2004

Do fish ever get thirsty, and do they sweat?

14 November 2004

Is aloe vera grown commercially to harvest, how big are the plants, how is is extracted?

31 October 2004

why don't woodpeckers get brain damage when they hammer into a tree?

10 October 2004

I read somewhere that if you were to follow the human embryo from conception to birth, it goes through every stage of...

10 October 2004

How do whales hunt and eat prey without swallowing gallons of water?

21 March 2003

Why are some Animals Born with their Eyes Closed?

21 March 2003

Why do my Dog's Eyes Shine When I Point a Light at Him?

20 March 2003

What would happen if a bird drank fizzy water?

19 March 2003

Why can you smell some gases, but not others?

18 March 2003

Is there an evolutionary advantage to tongue-rolling?