Can colourblind people play cricket?

13 September 2009



Hi, while watching my son (8yrs) and his friends play cricket, I was wondering how boys with colour-blindness cope with learning to play cricket. They all start off with a red ball similar to, but harder than, a tennis ball before progressing to either a red or white hard ball. Mostly they are playing on grass fields with green astro-type pitches.

Do you think a potentially brilliant cricketer may be missed due to colour blindness?


Kat - I think you would still see the motion of the ball and you'd still see the ball. You just might not see the colour of it.Ben - It has a very different texture to grass, of course.Kat - Yeah.Ben - And on the forum, there was quite a bit of a chat about this Lyner, RD and Bored Chemist all making very good points about it and Bored Chemist pointed out of course that blind people also play cricket. So whether or not you can actually see the ball may not necessarily be a hindrance when playing cricket. But if you are colour blind and if you'd like to let us know how you cope with playing cricket then please do get in touch. You can drop us an email to


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