Do light boxes combat Vitamin D deficiency?

22 January 2012


I'm a depressive and I tend to develop SAD, so seasonal affective disorder, in the winter. Do the high-intensity light boxes that are supposed to allow the skin to generate vitamin D work?” So, those light boxes that you can go out and buy, and you can get yourself a dose of light for half an hour in the morning. Would that help to raise our vitamin D levels?


Well I think there are a variety of different kinds of light boxes, but I think just light unless it's got an awful lot of radiation, it's not going to generate any vitamin D so that I mean, people can go to - you know, they go to tanning salons and so forth and that will in fact generate vitamin D, but the downside of this of course is it may have the consequences of being exposed to sun. So, the way around the dilemma, it seems to be, is if you want to increase your vitamin D content, then just simply take it by mouth as a regular vitamin D3.

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