Does climate affect sensitivity to brain freeze?

Will someone in the Arctic circle be less sensitive than someone in Australia?
07 March 2017


Chocolate ice cream cone



Does climate affect sensitivity to brain freeze?


Chris Smith put this question to biologist Aimee Eckert form the University of Sussex...

Aimee - I read something about this. And people who know more about this than I do believe that it's less to do with the weather and it’s more to do with the localised temperature change inside your mouth. But whether people who live in darkest Siberia or Australia are more resistant, or less able to cope with brain freeze, I’ve got no idea. But I know that if I was eating ice cream on a hot day or eating ice cream on a cold day, I’d still get brain freeze even if there was a big temperature difference between the ice cream and the weather.

Chris - So I can’t just change my geography and change my sensitivity to this.

Aimee - No.


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