Does Hawking radiation selectively emit matter, rather than antimatter?

25 January 2011


So here lies my first problem; I could see that if the anti particle got sucked in it would annihilate releasing energy (although I'm not sure where this energy would go?) and the black hole would get smaller, and the mass of the radiation would be equal to the reduction in mass of the B hole. So that makes reasonable sense but it is equally likely that the matter particle gets sucked in and the anti matter emitted, surely the net effect would be no effect, on changing the mass of the B hole?

My lack of understanding of that may also account for my second problem; B holes emit more radiation when they get small (less mass). This is obviously counter-intuitive. I've heard it has something to do with thermodynamics, bigger B holes are cooler, while smaller ones are hotter? something to do with entropy? Could you please clear up these issues for me, it would be greatly appreciated-don't be afraid to include equations :p they can make things easier to understand sometimes.

btw keep up the good work, I'll come and visit you if I get into Cambridge in acouple of years :p well maybe


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