Answers to Earth Science Questions

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05 March 2020

Does it depend on the plant? Or on the soil?

05 March 2020

If we could speak to each other, would we get on?

24 January 2020

What happens if the Earth's magnetic field ever reverses its polarity? Geologist John Underhill explains...

07 January 2020

And what about the rest of the world too?

07 January 2020

And if so, is it growing or shrinking?

07 January 2020

Are there ways to improve them to generate more renewable energy?

07 January 2020

Climate scientist Ella Gilbert sets the record straight...

26 November 2019

As the volume of water in the ocean increases, sea level does not rise uniformly everywhere...

13 August 2019

What will happen to cocoa trees?

13 August 2019

We're seeing unprecedented temperatures this summer...

06 August 2019

Listener Saugat got in touch about this monsoon related question...

30 July 2019

Listener Manik wanted to know how you can tell whether a painting is of a sunset or a sunrise...

18 June 2019

We don't have long to fix things...

09 April 2019

How do we know how old the Earth is?

22 January 2019

Why don't plants leave a hole in the ground when they grow?

20 November 2018

What kind of propellers should you have if you want to fly into a storm?

06 November 2018

What would life be like without our planet's tilt?

06 November 2018

What effects could rising sea levels have?

06 November 2018

How worried should we be about climate change?

31 July 2018

How much land do you need to live?