Have rechargeable batteries got better?

08 April 2014



When I was kid some time ago, my dad was very into rechargeable batteries and we used to put them on our walkman and they would basically last a tape’s length and then just die. I understand now, rechargeable batteries are a lot better. What's changed and should people be using them?


Graham Verity from GP Batteries - Yes, I believe it's time we looked again at rechargeable batteries. I know a lot of people had a lot of disappointing experiences years ago, but the technology has moved on. We never consider using a rechargeable battery in our mobile phones, so why do we do it in - why do we not do it in everything else? This country alone spends 250 million pounds a year on single shot batteries which are fairly...

Kat - I think most of that is me actually, old batteries.

Graham - If I were to sell you a car and say it's going to cost you 80 pounds to fill it up with fuel, but every time you fill up again, it's going to cost you 50P for the next 300 fills. You think that's crazy. Why wouldn't I do that? And yet, with batteries, we don't.

Kat - Is it just the chemistry of the batteries that's changed that enables them to be better?

Graham - The chemistry has moved on. It started with NiCad, it's now nickel metal hydride and yes, it's very, very different today from what it was 10, 15 years ago.


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