How do mosquitoes lay their eggs?

17 January 2010



How do mosquitoes lay their eggs? We never see them doing so...


Mosquitoes depend on water for their life cycle. Different mosquitoes live in different environments and as a result they depend on different types of water - stagnant water, big ponds of water, dumped car tyres with a bit of water and so on. You can actually tell which species of mosquito you're dealing with depending upon where they're laying eggs.

The bottom line is the mosquito goes down to the water once it's mated and different species of mosquito lay eggs in different ways. But they all lay their eggs into water.

Certain species lay them as individual eggs which drift off; others lay big rafts of eggs. The eggs mature and hatch into little larvae, which then have an aquatic phase; they grow in the water and eat algae and things, growing into large mosquito larvae. These then mature into full blown mosquito flies that then take off and come and bite you. You just have to keep an eye on a patch of water and you'll see the mosquitoes coming down to lay their eggs!


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