How should I align my laundry with the wind?

02 August 2009


As I live in the U.K., I need to use the dry weather as cleverly as possible for drying my laundry because there ain’t much of this dry weather around. If the wind blows from West to East, would it be better to place the rope for the laundry North-South? Or would it be better to do West to East do the wind would dissipate the water vapours from both sides of the clothing? What’s your theory?


Dave - I would have said you probably want it across the wind because if the wind's running along your laundry then any moisture evaporates and the front end of the laundry is then going to reduce the evaporation further on. And if you're going across it then you get lots of turbulence so the air will get to the back fine because it will just go over the top and swirl in the back. If anyone has any bright ideas then I'd love to hear them.Chris - Yes, I would suggest using a tumble dryer inside which is guaranteed to work unlike the washing I know in this country.Helen - Oh, Chris, how about the sunshine? Come on, think of the environment. I hang my washing outside.Chris - Indeed.Helen - In between the rain showers.

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