If my partner is hit by a taser will I be shocked too?

19 April 2009


If my partner is hit by a taser will I be shocked too?


Dave - That is a great question. How does a taser work? Most tasers work by shooting out two little darts. Behind those two little darts are pieces of wire. The idea is you get hit by the two darts. They stick to you so they make a nice electrical connection to you. Then the taser itself applies a high voltage between those two darts so the current flows between the two of them. That causes your muscles to contract. It's probably high-frequency which disables most of you and you lock-up. You can't move. Whether it would affect somebody with whom you're holding hands - you might be able to feel a bit of a shock but it's probably only very small. Most of the current would be running between the two needles which are stuck into you. Skin-to-skin contact isn't a very good conductor. You probably wouldn't get a big shock at all.

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