Is it harder to wipe boys bottoms?

02 December 2007


Zebras from behind



I work in childcare and I’ve wiped lots of bottoms! Is there a difference between bums because it always seems to be harder to wipe boys?


We're not sure about this one, but we think it could just be that boys are better at making a mess!

If you've got a more helpful answer, please let us know!


I've worked as a nurse for years and have wiped hundreds of bottoms. Big bums are always harder to wipe and generally tend to get smelly and dirty much more easily, females usually don't have a better track record of wiping after they do a poo. I've had to wipe the bottoms of some very voluptous women in the past and it can be timeconsiming, labour intensive and very smelly. Its often harder to wipe a mans bum though because their genitals can get in the way. Many men have hairy bum cracks and much firmer bum cheeks that can make wiping after a poo more difficult.

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