global view of the surface of Venus



Several years ago there was talk about possible alien life in the gases of Venus. I don't know if this is still understood to be the case, but if there were life forms made of gas, would they have been as influential on the planet as solid plants and animals on earth? 


Will - It's a new game.There's certainly a lot of debate about it. It's got people talking, but that's a good thing. That's the scientific method showing it's working. I think when we consider life on other planets, it's very easy for us to think that life is going to be very familiar to us based on our understanding of life forms on Earth. That's not necessarily the case. There's however many billions of stars and planets out there, which I'm sure Xander knows better than me. There might be forms of life that we couldn't possibly comprehend. Certainly if there was a different form of life that we are used to on our neighboring planet, that would probably tell us it's everywhere. But that particular find, I think it's still being debated somewhat.


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