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13 August 2019

Why do people get deja vu?

09 July 2019

How permanent is your blood type?

18 June 2019

And how likely would it?

14 May 2019

‘When I exhale there are carbon atoms in my breath, how long ago were they in my food or drink?’

07 May 2019

Why are some people fertile but can't produce offspring with their partner?

07 May 2019

And how does the pill work? It's over to reproductive physiologist, Bill Colledge...

09 April 2019

What do antidepressants do in the brain?

09 April 2019

How would we do space surgery?

09 April 2019

What makes someone schizophrenic?

09 April 2019

What separates anxiety from a disorder?

09 April 2019

How do you give CPR without gravity?

02 April 2019

If eating too many orange carrots can affect your skin colour, can purple carrots?

12 March 2019

Is it better to have a raw apple than a baked apple?

12 March 2019

Have you every had ice-cold hands and feet but sweaty armpits?

12 March 2019

Turns out the majority of our panel suffers from this phenomenon...

12 March 2019

Here's a sweet question to get things started....

05 March 2019

One drink becomes four and then all of a sudden our volume goes up and our vision blurs! Why?

19 February 2019

What's behind some people's ability to do accents?

29 January 2019

Do we think in a particular language?

08 January 2019

How do astronauts cook in space?

08 January 2019

How do muscles cope without gravity?