Is there a sustainable way to feed farmed fish?

15 May 2011


Fish catch



Many aquacultured species are fed on fishmeal from wild fishstocks. Is there a more sustainable way to feed protein?Tofu?:P


Kenny Black, from the Scottish Association for Marine Science, answered this question...

It's something that's happening already.

You'll find that particularly, not in the UK as much as in other countries, but some other countries are really using very little fish meal - protein from fish - in their fish feeds.

Still using a bit of fish oil, particularly for finishing off fish as I mentioned earlier on, but we are looking at the future for diets which contain very, very little fish product and one of the reasons for that will also be pushed by the fact that more and more people are looking at - instead of grinding up little fish and turning them into fish meal or pig meal and all the rest, because there's lots of other things each fish meal, will feed it to lots of different animals.

But, instead of doing that, we actually eat this fish directly and cut the corner if you like. That's a much more efficient thing to do...


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