What's the best way to be happy?

What does science say we should do to be happy?
08 August 2017



What's the best way to be happy?


Cambridge University mental health expert Olivia Remes suggests...

Olivia - Two things:

Number 1) relationships. One of the longest running studies on happiness, done by Harvard, shows that contrary to what most people’s goals are today, which a lot of surveys are asking young people what their goal in life is, and it is to become famous and wealthy. It is not these that make us happy rather, it is having strong and supportive relationships.

Number 2) just going for a walk. Being in nature makes you more creative and just resets your system.

Chris - There was a study done where they took people away from their environment and put them in the wilderness for just a few days and measured their stress levels, and their anxiety levels, and their overall feelings of wellbeing before they went and after they went, and the difference was stark, staggering...

Olivia - Yeah, I know. It’s really relaxing and just improves your wellbeing and just makes you feel happier.


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