Where do lost socks go?

01 November 2009



I would like to know where socks go when they put some into the washing machine? I made some observation that I put matching socks into the washing machine and I get only single socks back. Yes socks are not quantum mechanical entities. Where are the socks going?


Kat - I think you have to give up some socks as a sacrifice to the "God of Washing". I don't know. Maybe they didn't end up as pairs in the washing machine when you put them in. Chris - I've got a theory of this actually. I think what happens is that socks, very often, glue themselves to the inside of the machine so you remove the washing but you might leave one glued to the top so it gets separated from its counterpart. You then go to the washing, hang washing up, process it, put it all back in your bedroom all ironed and stuff and now you got an oddsock. You find the other one and that gets processed separately but by then you've got this odd sock in the bedroom and you think "Oh I must have forgotten to wash this one" so I put back in the wash. Its counterpart is probably - or in the wash then the other one comes back from the wash having been found later but by then its counterpart is now in the wash and the two remain separate forever. I think that's what it is. Kat - (Laughing) Yeah that's the same circulating odd socks. Chris - Actually I just got an email from Drew Merchant and he says 'I had to take apart my wasjing machine recently and I found 3 socks stuck in the drain tube, so this is where I think they end up'.


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