Why do banana peels have different numbers of segments?

We finally address the real question: why do banana peels sometimes have 3 segments, sometimes 4 or 5?
07 January 2020


A banana peel.



Why do some bananas have three sections in their peels, whilst others have four or five?


We got this question via the webform from listener Rick. Chris Smith asked Hannah Thompson to look for the answer...

Chris - Now can you help us out though Hannah with the banana question cause I've got my banana here, I have peeled it and actually I got three peel bits when I peeled it. Sometimes it is possible to get more I suppose. I mean is this just the luck of the draw? However you peel your banana, sometimes you pull more or less bits of skin, is it down to the size of the banana? Any science to back this up?

Hannah - I did scour the internet for it and I found out some facts, but maybe not the exact answer.

Chris - That you didn't find the answer to why sometimes you peel it with one bit of peel, sometimes two, sometimes three.

Hannah - It might just be that it's been bashed one side too many times in it and it falls into four bits.

Chris - The other thing is when I was in Zimbabwe, I was watching the monkeys eating bananas and I realised I've been eating them, oh you're nodding Ella, that I was eating the bananas all wrong.

Ella - Yeah, use the wrong end is the best way because then you don't squish the banaba.

Chris - How do you actually get in there though because I always go for the long bit, the tailie bit and then rip it off.

Hannah - I've got a twisting technique. I was lucky enough to visit an Amazon tribe and they told me to do that.

Chris - And you what? So you pinch and twist so you go to the wrong ends of the banana, pinch and twist and then try that. And how many peels do you get then.

Hannah - Between three and five?

Chris - It's down to what mood you're in then it sounds. There's nothing special about the bananas. Thank you very much, Hannah.


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