Why does overeating chocolate make you feel sick?

10 April 2011


Why does overeating chocolate tend to make you feel sick faster than most other foods?


Kat - This is probably down to the sugar and I've conducted lots of experiments in this area! You may notice that you feel sick after over indulging on any kind of very sweet food, whether it's chocolate or cakes, or sweets... Not very good for you but tremendous fun! This gives your body a massive hit of sugar, all in one go. It raises the level of sugar in your bloodstream and causes something known as hyperglycemia. It's this state of being hyperglycaemic that makes you feel sick. Now in most people, this just sends our pancreas into overdrive. We produce loads of insulin. The cells of our body take up this excess sugar, everything returns to normal, apart from maybe wanting to stay off the cake for a bit. But actually, in people who have diabetes, this doesn't happen properly. Either they don't produce enough insulin or their cells don't respond to the insulin properly and take up the sugar. In fact, one of the symptoms of undiagnosed diabetes is feeling sick because you can't actually control this blood sugar and you do suffer from hyperglycemia. So yes, overeating chocolate will make you feel sick, but if you feel sick all the time after eating, you should probably go and get that checked out.


So how can I prevent it

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