Why don't people get muscle cancer?

29 January 2012



Why don't people get muscle cancer? It seems to be the only tissue that is immune.

Patrick W Couzens
Independence Missouri USA


It's not true. There are some quite common myths about certain types of tissue in the body that don't get cancer. People say, "Oh, you don't get cancer of the heart." You can, it's just incredibly rare. Any of the tissues of our body can pretty much become cancerous because that's just what happens when cells grow out of control. There are well-known cancers of the muscles. There are benign muscle tumours of the smooth muscle. That's the kind of stuff around our intestines and the female uterus. They're called leiomyomas. You also get benign tumours of skeletal muscle, those are rhabdomyomas and you can also get malignant aggressive muscle tumours. So you get leiomyosarcomas and that's the smooth muscle cancers. And rhabdomyosarcomas which particularly affect children, and those are all cancers of the muscle. So although these are very rare, they still do happen.


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