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15 March 2018

I often get a rock or a twig for my birthday. It probably sounds a bit odd, but you see, we lichenologists - people who...

14 March 2018

A fiery gene that suppresses dwarves.

08 March 2018

We have all been there. You have just sat down, perhaps on a train or in a lecture, when the person next to you sneezes...

05 March 2018

How dinosaurs turned into modern-day birds...

23 February 2018

A guide to the latest genome editing technology...

14 February 2018

A fruit fly gene named after a gentle giant.

22 January 2018

Why almost 90% of humans are right handed is a mystery. The hypothesis presented here is that having your heart on the...

14 January 2018

A master controller inspired by a computer game.

13 January 2018

Significant palaeoenvironmental changes that occurred during the Quaternary, the most recent geological period, could...

21 December 2017

Research has revealed that our microbiome can fluctuate with the seasons.

21 December 2017

A new filtration system that uses natural molecules to remove hormone-affecting chemicals from wastewater has succeeded...

14 December 2017

This gene is larger than life

07 December 2017

The chemistry behind social behaviour in animals, including the bond between people and dogs – and the lack of one...

24 November 2017

Did the evolutionary process towards musical abilities begin in the primeval oceans? And have Human footsteps...

16 November 2017

Analysing regional differences in the DNA of wood and has allowed scientists to determine the location of the original...

14 November 2017

Our Gene of the Month is in the pub already.

14 September 2017

A gene named after a mythical dog with multiple heads.

04 September 2017

How reptiles turned into mammals...

14 August 2017

Our gene of the month is all ears.

14 August 2017

Naked Scientist Kat Arney has written a new book about human genetics.

07 August 2017

How did vertebrates go from swimming in the seas to walking on land?

14 June 2017

It's time for our gene of the month, and this time it’s Methuselah.