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02 May 2019

Where did domesticated dogs come from?

16 April 2019

Shark-cams reveal the world through a white shark's eyes for the first time...

01 April 2019

Our food security and biodiversity are under threat from invasive alien species

14 March 2019

How have two and three toed sloths evolved independently of each other?

07 March 2019

What is the noise from whale-watching boats doing to the inner ears of marine mammals?

05 March 2019

How tiny grasshoppers are helping us to understand the origins of species and how evolution works...

28 February 2019

Why do injuries often lead to scars...

25 January 2019

Could microbes hold the key to sustainable agriculture?

22 January 2019

What are the effects of using more antibiotics in animals than humans...

14 January 2019

The white-bellied frog in south-west Western Australia is experiencing population extinctions throughout its small...

24 December 2018

There are multiple clocks in the body: how do they tick to the same rhythm?

06 December 2018

People tend to favour relatives over non-relatives. But is this a product of culture or a part of human nature?

27 November 2018

A trainee clinical geneticist talks to a mother whose child suffered from a genetic disease...

11 November 2018

How drones and AI are helping to track endangered species and threatened marine habitats...

08 November 2018

Smartphone apps and genetic studies are teaming up to fight childhood obesity.

01 November 2018

A significant amount of the single-use plastics that we use ends up in our oceans.

01 November 2018

How do you assist a shark in the birthing process...

27 September 2018

Earthworms and tiny water fleas could help deliver clean water to billions of people

30 August 2018

How mammals survived, thrived, and became dominant across the planet...

18 July 2018

They aren’t what most people think they are, Human eyes...

12 July 2018

Research into the remarkable regenerative powers of worms and the insights they can give into battling diseases could...

10 July 2018

The DNA from 5000 ancient bone fragments from New Zealand reveals the cost to the natural world of human arrival...

15 June 2018

A new way to farm indoors using different wavelengths of light could boost the taste of fruits, salads and herbs, while...

11 June 2018

To feed more than 9 billion people by 2050, farmers will have to produce 70% more food. Here's how genetics can...