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20 August 2015

Could we vaccinate people to prevent them from becoming addicts?

13 August 2015

How do we know where planes are in the sky, and why do we occasionally lose them?

06 August 2015

How a special type of glass could help in early cancer detection...

30 July 2015

Meet the parasites that can take over mind and body, zombifying their victims!

23 July 2015

Scientists can now research and explore hidden corners of the world... with drones!

16 July 2015

Does fox hunting actually work as a form of pest control?

24 June 2015

Why identical twins are not so identical after all..

22 June 2015

A perspective on the recent controversy involving Tim Hunt's comments on women in science.

11 June 2015

Ever wondered how your body keeps you upright?

21 May 2015

Think you can trust your memories? Think again, as your brain can be tricked and twisted into recalling completely fake...

30 April 2015

How low frequency sound gives some animals a peek into the future...

17 April 2015

Death is a terrifying thought to many people: Is the best solution just to become immortal?

09 April 2015

Just like the Force, the Internet has its own dark side. Dare you enter the Dark Web?

26 March 2015

Anus to mouth: why your behind sets you apart...

19 March 2015

Antibiotic resistance is a growing threat to the modern world, is there anything that can be done to avoid disaster?

20 February 2015

From knights in shining armour to bullet proof vests: what's next for protective materials?

13 February 2015

How is music able to give us the creeps so effectively?

05 February 2015

Why a certain number pops up more often than you'd expect, and how this can be used to catch crooks!

23 January 2015

90% of the world consumes caffeine. But are we addicted to the substance, and is it any good for us?

17 January 2015

Cuckoos: the con artists of the animal world, leave their eggs in other birds nests. These birds need to learn from...

30 December 2014

Our four-legged friends prove they truly are man's best friend by lending a paw in sniffing out human diseases...

09 December 2014

Re-wilding is taking the world by storm, but should we bring back the wolf to Scotland?

02 December 2014

Hear from the scientists who discovered and identified a worm inside a man's brain, and how they worked out how to...

23 November 2014

Jet engines have to keep entire planes in the air, so choosing what to make them from can make all the difference...