10 March 2002


NASA MARS EXPLORATION PROJECT FINDS LOTS OF WATERThis week scientists from NASA's Mars Exploration Programme have been publishing some extraordinary results produced by the Odyssey spacecraft, which reached Mars late last October. Odyssey began activating its scientific instruments for mapping the planet in mid-February and has now sent back some extremely interesting results. The 300 million dollar orbiting spacecraft is equipped with special cameras that can tell what minerals and other substances are present in the martian soil by analysing the pattern of radiation given off by the surface of the planet as it is continuously bombarded by cosmic energy from outer space. Preliminary results from the first surveys have revealed large amounts of ice within the upper three feet of the planet's surface in places other than at the poles, where researchers has already concluded that there must be ice. Where there is water, scientists believe, there could be the right conditions for life to flourish, but we'll have to wait and see ! Space scientists announce techniques to produce oxygen and water for colonists on Mars. Background information on the Beagle Mars mission. Show featuring space scientist Dr. Simon Goodwin discussing future missions to Mars.


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