Air Mail With a Difference

23 April 2006


Californian company Masten Space Systems is offering a brand new service: sending random objects on a return trip to space for just ninety-nine US dollars. The lucky object will travel over 100km in altitude and will experience several minutes of weightlessness or microgravity. Upgrading your object's ticket will give it once in a lifetime exposure to the vacuum of space before making its return to the surface. But as with any special offer, there are a number of restrictions. Firstly the item must weigh less than 350 grams and be no bigger than a can of coke. Secondly, items must be legal, non-radioactive and guaranteed not to explode. If you want to send a living organism then it has to make the trip without any animal welfare issues. Maybe the pet gerbil is a bad idea then... The company are expecting to receive a range of school projects, biology experiments and the odd unusual request including firing off a late great-aunt's ashes. The first launch will be in 2008 but the ninety-nine dollar price tag is for advanced bookings so get your orders in now!


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