Ballooning Into Space

14 April 2002


Later this summer 2 British men will attempt a world-record breaking ballooning feat that will take them literally to the edge of space - in an open craft. Pilots Andy Elson and Colin Prescot expect to rise to 132,000 feet, that's a staggering 25 miles above the Earth, using a huge helium balloon with an open basket below it. The journey will take 11 hours and the temperature will drop to a chilly -74F. They will be wearing special Russian-made space suits which will be pressurised to the equivalent of 25,000 feet, and they will be breathing pure oxygen - without it, a normal person becomes unconscious in about 7 minutes, and beyond 50,000 feet a prson normally becomes unconscious in seconds. The team are hoping to go to 132,000 ! We wish them luck !


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