Bra to Detect Breast Cancer

09 June 2002


UK scientists at De Montfort University in Leicester have developed a bra that can detect breast cancer in minutes, and at a much earlier stage. It could mean fewer women will have to undergo breast X-rays or biopsies to find out whether a growth is malignant or benign. The bra uses a technique called electrical impedance tomography which involves passing a painless electrical current through the breast. Electrodes in the bra material pick up the electrical signals and feed them to a computer which builds up an image of the breast, highlighting any abnormal growths. Wei Wang, who heads the De Montfort group, said "it is capable of detecting smaller growths than the current methods [of mammography] and doesn't use harmful radiation". The new bra is going to be tested by a Chinese company. If the results are good, you could find one in your doctors surgery within 3-5 years. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy (MRS) for the non-invasive detection of breast cancer


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