Can Science Beat Harry Potter's Magic ? Look's Like it !

02 December 2001


Everyone is talking about Harry Potter these days. The magical community can certainly do some amazing things - levitate, make themselves invisible, fly broomsticks, travel back in time...But are we Muggles (that's non-magic people) that far behind? According to Focus magazine this week, modern science competes rather well with magic - LEVITATION Take levitation, for example - making things float in mid-air. Harry Potter and his friends were taught the secret of levitation in their first year "charms" class where they had to make a feather float by waving their wands at it. But did you know that Muggles have done this without magic? In 1997 a team of scientists levitated a frog by placing it in a strong magnetic field. And the same thing could be done to any living thing if you had a strong enough magnet - even humans! But I feel quite sorry for the frog!


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