Christmas Trees

09 December 2001


In the run up to Christmas we'll be going out to buy nearly 7 million christmas trees this year, so here's some handy tips on what to look for in a good christmas tree : First, what tree ? NORWEGIAN SPRUCE - this is our traditional tree, nice and bushy, nice shape, but very prone to drop needles on the floor unless you water it well. You could consider instead a NORDMANN FIR - bigger, glossier needles that don't fall off, and apparently a wonderful smell too.Secondly, how to look after it : Buy the freshest tree that you can, preferably directly from a grower so it is only recently cut down. Get one that has been stored outside (trees hate central heating), cut an inch of the bottom before you mount it in a stand, water it regularly, and add some plant food.Thirdly, what to do with your old christmas tree once New year is past…the best bet for the environment is to take it to a Christmas tree recycling plant where it can be turned into woodchips for footpaths and bridleways - find out where you nearest recycling centre is on the web at :


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