Everyone Tells Lies

21 July 2002


Psychologist Robert Feldman from the University of Massachusetts, in America, has found that over 60% of people tell lies in everyday conversation. 121 pairs of students, who had been told that the researchers were studying how we meet new people, were secretly filmed chatting to each other. Afterwards the students were shown the footage where they revealed their porkies. The lies ranged from falsely agreeing with the other person, to pretending to be in a rock-band. Interestingly women were more likely to lie to make the other person feel better, whilst the blokes were more likely to lie to make themselves feel better.DO SEA-MONSTERS EXIST AFTER ALL ?Using technology originally detected to locate Russian submarines, the US Navy have detected unidentified signals coming from the deep. The sounds are similar frequencies to those produced by known marine animals, but appear to be coming from much more powerful animals, bigger even than whales. What they are though, we don't know…


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