Global Warming in your Garden

14 October 2001


Mention the word "global warming" and images of rising sea levels and Polar ice melting spring to mind…….but did you know that global warming is acting closer to home, and has already affected your garden? Last year a massive survey run by the Woodland Trust over in Huntingdon showed that spring is arriving earlier each year. From records sent in by the public, they showed that Snowdrops were appearing 3 weeks earlier than 50 years ago, and birds were returning from their winter migrations sooner than they used to. Now scientists want to find out what is happening to Autumn. Experts think it is getting shorter and later, but they need your help. When are the leaves falling of the trees in your garden? Is your lawn still growing? If you want to be involved with this survey (and the more information they have the better) then get in touch with the Woodland Trust.


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