A Higher State of Ecstasy

The effects of ecstasy are enhanced by loud music, a new study has shown...
19 February 2006


Scientists in Italy have demonstrated what clubbers have known for years: the effects of ecstasy are enhanced by loud music.

But we’re not talking about good effects. The researchers either injected rats with an ecstasy solution, or gave them salt water instead. Then they played loud club music-like noises to the rats and measured their brain activity over the next five days. 

They found that the brains of rats that had been given ecstasy still showed harmful effects up to five days afterwards, but only if the rats had listened to club noises. The brains of the rats on E that had been kept in silence were back to normal after just a day.

Remember, ecstasy is illegal in the UK but if you do take it, make sure you stay at home and keep quiet!


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